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It can be very expensive to buy all textbooks you need if you are a student, a researcher or just want to learn about something. Also, once you've learnt what you needed, you may no longer need the book and you are stuck with expensive items you no longer need. You can't even re-sell ebooks once you no longer need them.

A lot of textbooks are available in subscription libraries in an ebook format. You can typically access these with a monthly fee, saving you up to several hundreds each month. It can take forever to browse through the internet for deals and to find if each ebook is available in subscriptions like Scribd or Perlego - you can however just search on eLibSearch for all the books you need - you will see availability from different sources in a matter of seconds.

Once you found the services you need, just sign up and start saving. Often you will also get a free trial, as well as access to hundreds of thousands of fiction and non-fiction books you might want to read in your free time.

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Online libraries


A subscription library with probably the best selection of titles - now with unlimited access. You can read both online and offline in the Scribd iOS and Android app. Most titles available worldwide. Sign up for a free 30-day trial here.


A subscription library for learners and students. Perlego's focus is textbooks, technical books and non-fiction. Unlimited access to ebooks with a free trial and student discount. Sign up here ›


You can borrow ebooks for free from OpenLibrary’s selection of hundreds of thousands of scanned ebooks, accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is an email address to sign up.

Safari Books

A subscription library for technical and business books. It is designed for those who read to learn - access to online courses is also included. Read in the Safari Books iOS or Android app, or in your web browser. You can sign up for a free trial without a credit card here.


Unlimited reading - hundreds of thousands of ebooks available. Save more with an annual plan here


Local libraries worldwide provide ebooks and audiobooks for free through OverDrive. You will need your library card to sign in.

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What devices can I read on?

You can always read on your phone, tablet or computer. Some services let you read on ereaders too.
Safari books
Price $9 per month £15 per month $39 per month Free
Android tablets and phones
iPad and iPhone
Kindle Fire tablets
Kindle eReaders
Kobo Arc tablets
Kobo eReaders
Nook HD

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